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Novel Perception

Ariel M. Greenberg -- Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

2018/10/17 4:45pm

The Novel Perception project seeks to enhance users’ awareness of the world through naturalistic access to sources of information beyond the basic human senses. The system collects signals from a variety of sensors, synchronizes them in real time, registers them in real space, and then overlays them onto the real world by display though a mixed-reality headset. The NP team has implemented social, thermal, and hyperspectral overlays; next they plan to develop physiological, radiological/nuclear, and radio frequency overlays. The volume and velocity of the data streaming from these additional sensor modalities may be overwhelming, so a next objective is to leverage artificial intelligence and brain-computer interfaces to sculpt the deluge per the tasks at hand.

Ariel M. Greenberg is a Senior Research Scientist in the Intelligent Systems Center of Johns Hopkins APL. His work addresses topics in psychophysiology and behavioral modeling and simulation, toward applications in defense, intelligence, public health, and medicine.