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3D Acquisition and Rendering for AR and VR Applications

Dr. Matthias Zwicker -- University of Maryland, College Park

2018/10/18 10:45am

Acquisition of 3D geometry and realistic rendering are fundamental components of AR and VR systems. AR applications generally need to sense the 3D environment of the user, and often physical 3D objects need to be reconstructed so they can be shared and manipulated virtually. Realistic rendering is a key requirement to provide the sense of presence in VR, and to blend virtual objects seamlessly with the real world in AR. In this presentation, he will discuss previous and ongoing research that his research group is pursuing to further improve the capabilities of these crucial enabling technologies for AR and VR.

Matthias Zwicker joined the University of Maryland in March 2017 as the Reginald Allan Hahne Endowed E-Nnovate Professor in Computer Science. His research focuses on fundamental algorithms for computer graphics applications including AR and VR.