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Expanding the effectiveness of safety training through virtual reality.

Geoff Gill -- Mosaic Learning

2018/10/17 2:00pm

Attendees to the presentation on Mosaic Learning's VR Jobsite Experience will gain a better understanding of how virtual reality training can be utilized to increase the effectiveness of safety training and immersion based on dangerous real-world scenarios. As an analog to the high-risk environment that iron workers around the globe face on a daily basis, the VR Jobsite Experience provides a glimpse into the future of high-risk training and can allow any user the ability to train on and experience some of the most dangerous tasks posed by working on an active construction site.

Geoff has a knack for delivering exceptional work against elevated expectations. With more than 15 years managing and mentoring across advertising and branding, Geoff also knows how to build a powerhouse team. Whatever the project, he brings design chops, critical thinking skills and a strategic mindset to solve the toughest creative