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Data-Rich Observation of Humans in Virtual Worlds

Lee Boot -- UM Baltimore County

2018/10/17 10:45am

What is the value of collecting and analyzing multimodal data on human behaviors and responses in today's virtual reality (VR)? What are the scientific and technical challenges of building a laboratory for such research? How might findings translate to real-world environments and situations? Recent advances in both VR and mixed reality (MR) technologies, and in the size and mobility of a range of biometric sensor instruments, now make possible research that might answer these questions. Attendees will gain an understanding of the challenges involved in "hacking" and integrating today's VR and sensing instrumentation, and see an example simulation project.

Lee Boot is Director of the Imaging Research Center, and Affiliate Associate Professor of Visual Arts and Computer Science and Engineering at UMBC. The aim of his research is to create and test new digital media forms and new kinds of content to serve public interests.