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Neurofeedback-VR for Rehabilitation Games

Paras Kaul -- Crystal Showroom and Wellness Center

2018/10/10 7:05am

This presentation conceptualizes a methodology for utilizing a new mobile Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) that uses neurofeedback to control audio and visuals in a Virtual Reality (VR) gaming environment. Open source software for the BCI introduced in this presentation facilitates application development for interactive VR game worlds controlled by the user’s neural activity. These applications have the potential to alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress, autism, and attention deficit disorder. The demonstration presents a mobile BCI prototype currently being manufactured and soon to be released by Neurofox, a neurotechnology startup in Berlin. The device called Brainduino is based on the Arduino Uno micro-controller.

DCSIGGRAPH board member, Paras Kaul uses neurofeedback to produce brain wave music and animation. Since 1992, she has studied brain-to-computer-interfaces (BCIs) intended for interactive VR gaming to train the brain for rehabilitation and learning: