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Scene Reconstruction Engines – A critically needed component for improving the AR / VR experience.

Scott Ackerson -- Quidient

2018/10/18 2:00pm

Modern kitchens, contemporary offices and flower gardens are boundless 3D spaces, full of electromagnetic energy ("light") and overlapping objects that include highly non-Lambertian, partially transmissive, textureless and finely-structured matter ("Generalized Scenes"). Most urban spaces that people occupy in the course of their daily personal and professional lives are “generalized". But, today's Scene Reconstruction Engines (SREs) are unable to reconstruct generalized scenes in a way that satisfies mass market requirements for devices-using-scene-reconstruction (DSRs) like AR glasses, mobile phones and UAVs, which requirements address accuracy, size, power and affordability. A severe SRE price/performance bottleneck exists. Quidient researchers are developing SREs using a new approach called Generalized Scene Reconstruction ("GSR") that has the potential to break the bottleneck.

Quidient is Scott’s third 3D imaging company. He holds ten patents, has a Master’s in Business from Wharton, a Bachelor’s in Systems Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and is a former Submarine Force Officer.