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Transmedia - Everyone is a Hero

Skye Von -- little GIANT Wolf

2018/10/18 3:15pm

Transmedia satiates today's audience hunger for experience and connectedness and offers brands long-term and retrograde engagement. Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey has been the narrative backbone behind most every novel, television show, movie, and game for centuries past. But the confinement of the linear story and a single hero to save the day, does not fit audiences of today who want to be heard, stay in intrigued, and be involved. Transmedia is here to save the day by engaging audiences in a grand narrative with multiple heroes across multiple platforms and formats in a nonlinear story world, which encourages an encyclopedic impulse and offers various entry points that allow audiences to take control of the experience and make it uniquely their own. Skye will introduce you to transmedia, how it relates to the history of storytelling and the evolution and access to technology over the last 100 years. She will highlight how to utilize transmedia storytelling to achieve more meaningful engagement with your audience by creating a story world that can extend across multiple platforms including VR, AR, web, TV, film, and books.

Skye Von is an award-winning transmedia filmmaker known for her unique approach of blending traditional storytelling and new media formats to create unique, meaningful experiences and the founder of the transcultural, transmedia story studio little GIANT Wolf.