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Businesses Moving the Needle with AR and VR

Will Gee -- Balti Virtual

2018/10/18 3:15pm

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, has said that AR will “change the way we use technology forever.” Mixed Reality hardware and software represents a new platform for media, communications, gaming, and education. While this all sounds very futuristic, today, many large companies and institutions are already using augmented and virtual reality to differentiate their brand, engage alumni, raise money, solve clinical needs, tell stories, explain complex concepts, and celebrate milestones. Join Will Gee, CEO and Co-Founder of Balti Virtual, and several leading companies as they discuss their use cases, value propositions, goals and benefits of using mixed reality.

With over 20 years in 3D software development and content creation reaching back to the gaming industry, Will Gee co-founded Balti Virtual to focus on delivering augmented and virtual reality experiences to businesses, consumers and large institutions. Will has produced award-winning games and patented 3D simulation technology, consumer AR products, and met the needs of global customers in marketing, health care, entertainment, government and real estate. Company Bio: Balti Virtual inspires wonder and creativity with world-class AR/VR content, experiences and software for Fortune 1000 companies and large institutions. Our client list includes many global brands including Under Armour, Johns Hopkins, the University of Virginia, PayPal, Kawasaki, Marvel and NBC Universal, among others.