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MAVRIC Conference 2018

MAVRIC Conference 2018

October 17-18, 2018

The Mixed/Augmented/Virtual Reality Innovation Conference (MAVRIC)

Present Realities - Virtual Futures

The DC area has always been at the forefront of innovation in a number of realms, and despite not being recognized as a center for technology, it hosts a huge variety of firms and researchers operating at the forefront of the Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR, VR and MR) universe.

The MAVRIC conference aims to bring to light the innovators and cutting edge research going on in Immersive Media (a catch-all for AR/VR/MR/360 Video) and specifically focus on the practical corporate, governmental, and educational uses and implications of the technology.

The conference will bring together of some of the top minds in the region and from around the world to talk about what works, what doesn’t work, and the practical potential for Immersive Media.

Why attend?

The MAVRIC conference is the first conference in the DC region that brings together the governmental decision-makers, the corporate and independent developers, and the researchers pushing the boundaries of the possible in AR, VR, and MR.

Based at the University of Maryland, a top 5 ranked school in Graphics and Visualization, Computer Vision, and several other fundamental technologies underlying Virtual and Augmented Reality, we will be offering regional and national leaders a chance to exchange knowledge, network, and build partnership around Immersive Media.

Ready to attend, but need to convince your boss? Use our pre-prepared letter to make your pitch.

Who should attend?

  • Government Leaders

    Leaders in both Federal and State government with all levels of experience with AR/VR/MR should attend to learn what’s ready for immediate rollout, what’s pending in the near future and what’s still vapor-ware.

  • Corporate Leaders

    Corporations that are experimenting with Immersive Media (IM) solutions should come to learn about the emerging technologies, processes, and innovations that are being developed both in the region and around the world. Not yet at the point of building internal teams? Come learn about what’s realistically possible and hear how the future of Journalism, Training and Entertainment will be impacted by IM.

  • Corporate Trainers

    Immersive Media has an enormous potential for changing how, when, and where we train and re-train our workers. It used to be that you needed to be training 10,000+ for a Virtual training program to really be cost effective, that number has dropped by 2 orders of magnitude already and is well on the way to dropping another. How are you preparing to provide truly individualized, responsive learning environments for your people? How are you preparing to provide on-the-job tools that improve efficiency and accuracy across a wide spectrum of activities and roles?

  • Startup Leaders

    Driven by a vision of the Future? Want to share that vision and meet the people who might be interested in using your service/product? Whether as a presenter or a participant, your involvement in MAVRIC raises your visibility, provides an opportunity to meet senior decision-makers and fellow entrepreneurs while learning from leading thinkers and ‘do-ers’ in IM.

  • University Faculty and Advanced Degree Candidates

    Come see what’s happening across campus and across the region that impacts the AR/VR/MR world. Share your findings in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Databases, Machine Intelligence, Computer Graphics, immersive training and education, or the future of Journalism with the people who might just be funding your future research.

  • Vendor Companies and Sponsors

    Learn about the state of the art from leading practitioners and cutting edge research that will impact your business and engage our highly engaged audience by showcasing your products, services, and innovations.


Are you interested in showing your amazing work to top-level decision-makers in business, government, and education? You need to have a booth at the MAVRIC Conference! 110% of last year’s sponsors met their business objectives for attendance (Note: this is the inaugural year of MAVRIC, but we are certain this would be true!) MAVRIC Sponsors are the most amazing people and companies in the world. Just ask the person in the next booth at the show!

Ultra-resolution sponsor: (1) - $40,000

  • Highlighted speaker opportunity
  • Top billing on all materials
  • Includes sponsorship of the happy hour first evening, plus 16x8 booth
  • Includes conference admission for 8

Startup Showcase Sponsor(s) – $25,000 (potentially split between sponsors)

  • Named $5,000 prize
  • Opportunity to demo within the room
  • Includes admission for 6

4k HD sponsor (up to 2) – $20,000 - below

  • One sponsored speaking opportunity
  • Branding on giveaways
  • Up to 16x8 booth
  • Includes conference admission for 6

HD Sponsor (up to 8) - $5,000 - below

  • 8x8 booth for demos
  • Includes conference admission for 4

Supporter (unlimited) - $2,000

  • Includes recognition on materials and site
  • Includes conference admission for 2

Prices and passes.

All passes may be purchased at the link below.

Early Regular On-site
VIP Pass (includes drinks during cocktail hour and reserved section seating for keynotes) $349 $399 Not available
Industry Pass $299 $349 $399
Government Pass $199 $249 $299
University Pass $149 $174 $199

Conference Associates

Did your last SBIR get rejected? Living on scholarship funds from last year still? Is your startup still in the Ramen Sustainable phase? No worries! Come earn your attendance by working half of the conference and getting to attend for the other half. Apply to be a Conference Associate by sending an email to with your resume and a paragraph or two explaining your interest in AR/VR/MR and any service experience you have (since this is basically making sure that everyone is able to find what they need and is in the right place, having the right mindset is important!)